Board Meeting Minutes – 169/365


Nia and I are in El Paso for the holidays. There’s a slight chill in the air but the weather is beautiful. I packed my skateboards and wanted to check out this park I’ve been eyeing up.

We drove by last night and it was way too crowded. But I did get a look at the bowl I’ve been wanting to ride.

It’s deeper than I thought. A full 6 feet. I haven’t dropped in on anything that tall, so it was a bit scary for me.

I went back to the park this morning and it was only occupied by a mom and her two young kids. I warmed up on a smaller quarter pipe to the other side of the park. It’s been over a month since I skated, which I’m a little bummed about but whatever. I skated today, but I was nervous to drop into a bowl of this size.

I eyed it up for a few minutes, and then walked away before I psyched myself out. Grabbed my board and went for it. Success! I dropped in on the long end so I’d have time to adjust before hitting the next wall, which I needed.

The bowl has an awesome, over vert, spherical pocket that I was working on carving. Man, it’s crazy to think that dudes are able to get up to that coping. I was having fun getting maybe 3/4 of the way up the wall and that was enough for me today.

I did take a spill too, there’s a pretty large chunk of the wall missing on one side. I didn’t notice it until my wheel was stuck in it and I was sent flying.

Overall, felt great to be back in a bowl carving after such a gap. And I’m pumped to have dropped into a bowl this size!

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