Board Meeting Minutes – 168/365


This session was a while ago and I haven’t written about it yet. From what I remember, it was just a super relaxing beach day after celebrating Thanksgiving the day before.

Nia, myself, and Colie were visiting Steve and Sara in Virginia Beach. On “black friday” Steve and I wanted to surf. It was chilly and overcast, and there wasn’t much swell, but there were waves to ride.

It felt great just to be in the water, especially after the big board meeting hiatus I’d been having.

We were hanging out with some dolphins

The water was way colder than expected, but it was tolerable. There were some tiny waves. I didn’t get too many rides, but like I said, it was just great to float around with my brother for a bit.

It was also fun to just hang on the beach with everybody, including Maggie.

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