Board Meeting Minutes – 167/365


Didn’t skate yesterday, a little upset about it.

Did get on my board a bit this afternoon though.

It’s still super warm for November, and it was time for Maggie’s afternoon walk. She’s an old, tiny dog with a bum knee, but she still likes to run when she gets the chance.

I think it would be cool to get her used to running alongside me as I cruise on a skateboard.

So we tried it. I grabbed my Nomad deck, now with regular trucks and wheels, and had Maggie on her leash.

We walked down the hill a bit so I didn’t startle her by bombing a slope right out of the gate. She is already timid around my skateboards.

Once at the flat stretch of road, I dropped my board and Maggie flinched in anticipation of the unknown.

I gave a little push and rolled slowly. She started to follow along, being sure to keep her distance. Though she seemed to get a little comfortable once we were moving.

I gave a few more pushes, each time the wheels made a burst of noise that she wasn’t quite used to. She’d keep herself at leash-distance, but slowly come closer as we cruised. Then move back away when I pushed.

I wasn’t going fast, just enough for her little legs to run along with me but not so much that she struggled to keep up. She ran along with me, and didn’t appear to hate it.

Only tried it out for a few minutes so I didn’t overload her. We walked the rest of the way. Pretty cool!

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