Board Meeting Minutes – 146-148/365


Catching up on a few missed journal sessions this morning. Friday was my last entry, it is now Wednesday and I’ve since had 3 board meetings. Quick one on Saturday, no meeting on Sunday, and some mellow surfskate carving on Monday and Tuesday evenings. We’ll see what today brings, it’s looking nice this morning but I surfed the pillows in bed instead of getting out early.

Saturday – 10/3

I was bamboozled! It was my 30th birthday earlier this week and Nia threw me a surprise party with the help of Travis and Monica. I had no idea about the planning, and got my first hunch when Nia told me to close my eyes because my bday gift had been delivered and was in the driveway.

We had been out for a morning cruise with Maggie. We drove around Litchfield county, checked out the Housatonic River, and had a picnic on top of Mohawk Mountain. It was enjoyable, and the whole time I was oblivious to the fact that my friends and family were setting up a Hawaiian themed shin-dig in my driveway. Instead I was scoping out this state park, and the power line trail that ran down it’s entirety.

I had splitboarding in mind, and Mohawk mountain state park is definitely a place I want to scope out in the snow.

It was the first time anyone’s thrown me a surprise party, and I was overwhelmed. When Nia told me she had my gift delivered to the driveway because it was big, my mind went to either a new surfboard or a big meat smoker setup. Oblivious.

Funny though, because my brother and sister pitched in to get me a Ben Gravy soft top anyway! I’m excited to learn how to navigate the rocks Point Judith without worrying about smashing another board.

There was amazing pacific flavored food from our favorite caterer, plenty to drink, and a hula skirt for Maggie. After my BAC passed the threshold of thinking skating was a bad idea into thinking it was a good one, I grabbed my longboard.

I almost ate it on the first push. It was dark out, and I wobbled a bit as I picked up speed. Once I got going down Federal St, I was laser focused on keeping it straight and just letting the hill run out. Not my best idea, but fun nonetheless.

Sunday – 10/4

No board meeting on Sunday. Not the medicine my hangover needed. Instead, we dropped Steve off at my parents and hung out for a bit. Watched the Giants lose while eating a pasta dinner. It was nostalgic.

Monday – 10/5

The hangover was still tailing off. I didn’t feel sick, but definitely felt slow. Luckily work went smoothly, and working from home enabled some sleeping in time. Come 6:30 pm-ish, I was itching for some movement.

I grabbed my surfskate and cruised down to Goodwin Place. I felt in the zone, in the moment. It just felt like I had come alive again. Sounds lame and cheesy, I am fully aware. But it’s true. I was 100% absorbed in each carve and pump, if only for a few seconds at a time. It was beautiful.

Tuesday – 10/6

Pretty much the same thing yesterday. Monday morning kinda set the tone for the rest of the week. I was out of bed about an hour later than I would consider “Normal” (i.e. giving myself time to go skate before logging in to work). So I just logged right in to work. Had a very productive morning, which felt great. Tapered off in the afternoon. And then went for a cruise around 5:30.

I hadn’t ridden the Florence St. hill in a while. I was on my way to Goodwin place when I shifted gears and decided to give that a go.

I dropped in at the top and made a big carve, all the way back to where I was almost facing up the hill again. This is how I rode it for a few more carves, and it really helped me control my speed. Big carve all the way across, adjustment cut, carve back the other way.

My run got cut short halfway by a UPS truck that had just turned up the street. He kinda came barreling around the corner. I saw him and had plenty of time to adjust. I made one last carve to get over to the right side of the street and then straightlined it the rest of the way down. This gets a little sketchy because there’s a stop sign at the bottom, so I was craning my neck to see if there was anyone coming through the intersection.

Luckily not, and I made a right to continue rolling down to the Goodwin Place peeler where I’d have my share of more carves before deciding I wanted to go back to Florence for a bit.

On the way back though, I saw Nia finishing up her run. I just skated over to her and we walked home together.

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