Board Meeting Minutes – 145/365


I had a cruisy surfskate session over on a new-to-me hill. Hall St. I’ve ridden it a couple times on my longboard, and today I wanted to try some carving over there.

It was rainy most of the day today, and it was the first time I actually went into the office in a while. That turned in itself was a mini-adjustment, but by the time to go home it was dry and sunny. After helping Nia with some chores I rolled on over to this hill.

The ride over there was a breeze, and it was fun to see everyone out in the neighborhood enjoying the lack of rain. An old lady walking her dog and listening to Polish music on her phone out loud, some kids shooting hoops in the driveway. All of this was taking place in the shadow that the slight hill and it’s trees have cast on our east-facing neighborhood.

I like this hill because of its runout. Its relatively fresh pavement is the big draw, but the fact that there’s a long, shallow grade after the steep part nicely extends the ride. The surfskate at high speed is kinda wonky too.

Still workin’ on sliding more gracefully

I did my best to carve hard and really snake my way down the road, but I picked up enough speed to have to widen my turns. Once going a little faster, I noticed how easy it was to get the wheels to slide, which wasn’t really what I was after tonight. Wasn’t feeling that aggressive, pair that with my general fear of eating shit and I didn’t start my laps from any higher than halfway up the hill.

Happy I got out, and on the way home there was a section of Federal street that had a bunch of good driveway aprons lined up. I went for some frontside slashes on those. Really want to focus on that cutback, especially since I’ve been playing that wipeout from yesterday over and over in my head.

Hung a right down the Goodwin Place Peeler for a few more carves before calling it a session. The day was letting go of its last bit of light as I walked the rest of the way home. Reminded me of youth football practice behind Saint Luke’s church, our coaches squeezing every bit of daylight out of the sky.

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