Board Meeting Minutes – 149/365


I had an urge to practice heelflips today. And just to skate at a park in general.

I chose the Newington park this afternoon, and I’m happy I did get out after all.

There were a couple other skaters there that were way younger and way better than me, but I wasn’t there to compare myself to them. I was there to practice heelflips.

I was surprised how much my body remembered the motion. I was basically where I left off, able to pop the board and flip it nicely… But justtt couldn’t commit to getting both feet over the board.

I did get both down on the deck once! But it caught me off guard and off balance so I couldn’t stick it. All of these attempts were standing, btw. In the corner of the park out of the way of the other skaters.

After a while though I wanted to get some actual riding in though. I dropped into the quarter pipe and pumped around the park a bit. Felt really good, been a while since I rolled around on smooth concrete.

I built up the nerve to go for some 50-50s on the coping. I was getting close, able to keep my feet light and slide on my trucks. But leaning back into the ramp with my shoulders is where my brain and body disconnect.

Fun nonetheless, and I want to keep giving it a go on that quarter pipe.

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