Board Meeting Minutes – 139/365


Feeling a bit better today. I wanted to surf this morning, the Teddy swell is cranking. I didn’t go though. A little butthurt about it, and definitely experiencing some FOMO as I see photos and videos trickle through my Instagram feed. But I decided to get up and work towards the upcoming milestone I have for a freelancing gig.

I made solid progress on that this morning and actually enjoyed writing it. I had to force myself to refrain from checking the Surfline cams all day though. That helped, and I was able to squeeze a quick cruise in on my longboard between work and a 7 pm Zoom call to talk about racism in America. Painful yet necessary.

Solid hill over on Hall Street.

So, feeling a bit better. Enough to allow myself to enjoy a mellow longboard ride. I looped around the neighborhoood. Cruised down Goodwin Place a couple times and made my way over to Hall street to ride the good hill over there.

The weather was perfect for a fall evening. The sun was low in the sky and the breeze was just right.

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