Board Meeting Minutes – 138/365


The autumnal equinox, craziness. It’s pretty wild to think that on March 17th all this pandemic stuff started. Two full seasons have passed. Every once in a while that just hits you. Today it hit me.

This year felt so slow as it has happened, but looking back it feels like the blink of an eye. Whenever I get that way it makes me feel blah. Today is Monday, and I definitely had a case of the Mondays today. That seems to happen pretty often for me this time of year. Every fall, as summer winds down everything just kind of goes grey.

It was beautiful out today, no doubt. Bright, sunny, cool. Autumn in every sense. Sometimes I love it, and other times it just makes me feel hollow. Like what have I done with the year?

Oh, I rode every day? Big woop. I’m about to turn 30, no one cares if I can ollie or catch a wave. Around this time of year is when I want to be getting amped up for snowboarding. I want to so bad. But today I’m just not. Figuring out what mountain to get a pass to, spending money on new gear, finishing the snowboard I started for myself a year ago… all just seems like a hassle.

I hate when this happens. I hate it because I love everything in the paragraph above. Yet sometimes I don’t let myself enjoy it. I hate that.

Fuckin beautiful day today, why can’t I enjoy it?

That’s exactly what happened today. I got out on my surfskate after a frustrating day of work. I was hoping for some of that carving medicine. I carved up the Goodwin Place Peeler a bit, but just wasn’t into it. Wasn’t feeling it. Idk what’s up, but I’m starting to notice this is a pattern every fall, and I hate it.

They say life is all about the ebbs and flows. Well, feels like I’m in an ebb… and I’d much rather be in a flow. Not even gonna try to sugar coat it. Today was a shitty day.

September Rolling Ollies: Who gives a shit.

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