Board Meeting Minutes – 140/365


Yesterday, I was in a funk. I didn’t get out on my board either, so that amplified the funk. The FOMO of missing the Teddy swell also added to the funk. It was just one big ball of funk, and then pile on a few setbacks at work.

After eating half a “party sized” bag of M&M’s and laying in a nauseous heap on the couch, I went to bed with the intention of movement when I woke up the next morning.

Welp, here we are, the next morning, the present moment, where we always are… and I’ll say again what I’ve said before:

Movement is medicine.

Wouldn’t you know, I feel better. Instead of snoozing for an hour and a half, I snoozed for 10 minutes and got out of bed for a little yoga. After yoga it was a walk around the block with my beloved furball. At this point I was feeling good, and the air had less of a bite in it as well, which helped. To the skatepark.

Not to count ollies, not to try new tricks, not to achieve anything but just moving my body through space and time in a fun way.

I had the park to myself and that’s what I did. Even as I write this I feel myself internally not allowing for the pat on the back. Not allowing myself to be and have fun. That is what it is I suppose, but I’m glad I got out and got moving either way because at the very least it has made me aware of that feeling.

Always breaking, every day.

It helped with the FOMO, too. I may have missed epic waves, but this concrete wave is always breaking. I allowed myself to relax and flow around the bowl, sometimes even feeling as if I was on a wave.

On the way home I had an email in my inbox recommending a few podcasts. Said the them of one was: mood follows action, not the other way around. I’ll have to give it a listen, but I found that pretty cool and “coincidental.”

Not feeling great about today, but feeling better about it than yesterday… and I feel great about that.

Side note: Happy 9/24! When I was 17 my dad and I went halfsies on a 1987 Porsche 924s. It was my first car and I loved it. Totaled it by crashing it into a tree, but I loved it while I had it.

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