Board Meeting Minutes – 136/365


I took a break from riding yesterday. My back was seriously sore on Thursday, to the point of having me convinced I may have compression fractures in my T-spine.

That’s what Googling symptoms will do to ya, I have a bad habit of that. Really all I needed was to stop moving for a day. Feeling much better after resting today. Still taking it relatively easy, instead of riding today I did some yard work.

After putting a pot of chili up I was feeling good enough for some balance board action.

I tried staying balanced in a deep squat on the board, quite the challenge! Then I started pretending to do front-boards… Remembering the Aratik my brother and I had in high school.

Brought me back to the days of carpet boarding in the basement, practicing boardslides. I remember that practice never carrying over for me on snow lol. Did for Steve though!

I don’t expect any progression on the rails this winter… Not at my age, I think I’m done learning tricks on the rails, and my bag contains a nose-press, frontside lip slide, and of course… Le 50-50.

None of which are clean, by the way. Trying to get hyped for winter!

September Rolling Ollies: 244… Maybe some more tomorrow…

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