Board Meeting Minutes – 132/365


It is an absolutely beauuuuutiful September morning. Really feels like autumn. Nia left for her run around 7:15, and shortly after I took off to go skate.

I brought Maggie to the park with me to see how she’d do. Overall it was great! There’s a bench right by the big bowl. I just fastened her leash to that and she stayed calm. She was a little spooked by the noise of all the skateboards early on, but she seemed to grow accustomed to it.

Luckily for both of us the crowd wasn’t too large. I think there were a total of 5 people at the park. She watched me roll back and forth practicing ollies, probably not judging my form nearly as much as I was.

I attempted 20, landed most, but they just felt so sloppy. Feels as if I’m in an ollie slum. I think what I need is a break. I’m going to keep going for the 1,000 mark, but I’m setting a low bar of 500 for myself. I’ll see how I feel after that. All this counting is kind of taking the fun out of skating for me now… and I’m probably just saying that because I’m behind on my goal and my ankles are hurting.

Excuses aside, I’m going to take a break from ollies. I’m listening to my body and it’s asking for some rest. My shoulder is still a little tweaked and my ankles are stiff. Plus, if it came down to nailing a 1,000 ollie mark or catching as much surf as possible this month, I choose the latter.

I don’t wanna be too hurt to go surf, there’s a lot of wave-machines cranking in the Atlantic right now. So I think a few days off from rolled ankles and slamming on concrete will do me some good.

A few reasons to remain uninjured over the next couple weeks.

After some weak ollies I rode the bowl a bit. Pretty pumped for a number of reasons. First, I dropped in to the deep end of the bowl today. That’s a pretty solid progression milestone for me! And second, I took Maggie off the leash to see how she’d do as I rode the bowl. She stayed put, awesome.

Afterwards I let her walk back to the car with me, no leash. She not only followed, but she led the way. Trotted right down the hill and hopped in the passenger seat. Cool.

September Rolling Ollies: 244

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