Board Meeting Minutes – 133/365


I didn’t ride yesterday and I spent next to no time beating myself up over it. Nia and I attended my cousin’s engagement party on Saturday night, and found out my brother had just gotten engaged that morning. We had a lot to celebrate, did just that, and spent Sunday recovering, watching football, and relaxing.

I’m taking it easy today as well, there’s some solid swell in the ocean right now and I want to be rested up for a day of surfing tomorrow.

Looks like the Atlantic is pissed off about 2020 as well.

That said, this morning’s session was mellow. After walking Maggie and 20 minutes of yoga, I grabbed my surfskate to go enjoy the crisp autumn air. I cruised down the street, the Goodwin Place Peeler my destination.

Along the way, there’s a patch of pavement running the length of my street. It must be reminiscent of some water line work the town did years ago. It’s about 3 feet wide and silky-smooth relative to the rest of the road. After making some turns at the top of the hill, I rode out the rest of the mellow grade in that corridor.

Minimal pushing was required to get me to Goodwin Place, and when I got there I had enough speed to roll gently into the slight hill. Mellow carving was the name of the game this morning. I pretended I was riding right handers at the point break in Narragansett.

Hopefully I’ll be making similar carves on my 7’0″ step-up tomorrow.

September Rolling Ollies: 244

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