Board Meeting Minutes – 131/365


September 11th is always a humbling day for me. Remembering the tragedy that took place in 2001 always makes me take stock and feel my humanity.

As was par for the course, my ollie practice session this morning was extremely humbling. I went to the Beechland basketball court to catch up on my rolling ollie goal. I did end up doing 70 of them, but mannnn was it ugly.

The first 30 were alright, timing was good, height was eh. Maybe half of them showcased a giant gap between my back foot and the deck.

Then I brought out an obstacle and shit hit the fan. I couldn’t commit! I laid my surfskate on its side right at center court. I took some practice ollies off to the side of the board, timing it up with the center court line. No problem.

But once I was heading for the wall that was my other board, it was a total system failure. I just could not do it this morning. In 30 attempts I made it over the board once and landed. I was stubborn, too. Stopping to do standing ollies would have been beneficial… even practicing the breakdown steps. But no, I was determined to just get over the damn board.

So it was rough. And I think I do need to practice more standing ollies to mix it in. That’s what I’ll do if I don’t decide to abandon this goal all together…

I came home, showered up, and watched the reading of the 9/11 names with Nia. It’s always somber, and I always remember how close a call it was with my dad. I wrote about that here.

September Rolling Ollies: 224

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