Board Meeting Minutes – 124/365


I waited until after work to get after my ollie goal today. Did some yoga in the morning after waking up with significantly less back pain than before. I had an acupuncture appointment yesterday and call it placebo affect if you will, but my back hurt noticeably less this morning.

The weather was a little wet so I logged into work earlier than normal so as to log off earlier than normal. I had about a 1.5 hour window between logging off and going for a run with Nia.

To the basketball court it was. When I arrived, there were a few teens shooting hoops and some more hanging out at the picnic table. I felt weird.

I’ve just barely started to get over that weird, self-consciousness at skate parks. But everyone is there to skate. These kids were at a basketball court, playing basketball. I was the odd man out here.

They were only taking up a quarter-court though, so I packed up my hesitation and took it with me to the open court.

After a few ollies I felt in a groove. Then another guy showed up to shoot hoops… then two more people, a guy and a girl.

My confusion and mild discomfort settled, and everyone naturally filed into their own quarter-court. If I rolled from corner to corner I had enough room to practice the rest of my 35 ollies with enough speed.

Didn’t take long for me to hit 35, and most of them felt pretty good. The focus right now is more on my timing than on my height. My goal isn’t massive ollies… yet. It’s the ability to leave the ground with the board under my feet that I want to make second-nature.

September Rolling Ollies: 35

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