Board Meeting Minutes – 123/365


I wanted to go practice heelflips this morning.  Got out of bed a little earlier to give myself some time to do yoga and loosen up my back, which was in pain again.  I wanted to walk and feed Maggie before going to skate, too.

When I took her outside I noticed the dampness of the weather.  It looked cloudy but dry out the window, but when I stepped outside I could feel the mist in the air.  Must’ve just started.

I decided I’d hurry down to the basketball court before the mist got it too wet. I fed Maggie and laced up my Vans.  Said goodbye to Nia and walked out the door.

The mist was now a full-on rain shower.  I sat in the driver’s seat of my car for a solid 60 seconds waiting for something, idk what.. the rain to just stop maybe?

I realized it wouldn’t, and I didn’t want to skate in the rain.  Change of plans: garage session.

I hit the clicker and grabbed my stuff from the trunk, getting myself in the headspace of a garage session.  I popped a couple ollies and it was loud.

Dang, “too loud” I thought.  “Try one more”

Yea, loud.  I tried to stay at the end of the garage that isn’t directly beneath the bed that Nia was sleeping in.

So it wasn’t much of a session.  After popping a few ollies I rolled back and forth trying nose and tail manuals.

Then for some reason, I got the idea in my head to try a nollie.  I landed one! All it took was some of the Braille practice steps and a few attempts before I got this one on film.


And here’s an ollie for reference.


Pretty psyched.

I’ve been thinking about a September goal and I think I have it.  I remember that day at the Windsor park, noticing how all the really talented skaters had their ollies on lock.  I think I made some solid heelflip progress throughout August, and that was a testament to the work I did building up my ollie the month before.

So, I’m thinking this month will be another 1,000 ollies.  Kinda boring, but I never said I couldn’t repeat a goal! This time I think the difference will be that I only count rolling attempts.

The purpose of this is to improve my overall skating ability.  As I get more comfortable riding transition, I want to be able to pop ollies over features.

September Rolling Ollies: 0

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