Board Meeting Minutes – 122/365


Boom. September.  A few things to celebrate:

  1. Crushed the August heelflip goal, even landed a few!
  2. Skated every day this summer (it’s not over yet, I know! but that’s still sick)
  3. I am ONE-THIRD of the way to the 365 days on board goal!!!  That’s over halfway to half!

Felt like another fall morning today.  I took Maggie for a walk and was itching to go ride the bowl again.  I pumped the brakes though.

One, I didn’t have the amount of time I wanted to spend at the park this morning.  Two, my back has been killing me in the mornings lately…

I think its a combo of all the sitting I’ve been doing working from home.  I actually do miss my stand up desk from the office.

This morning I opted for a mellower surfskate session and did a little morning yoga to loosen up first.


I hadn’t surfed my neighbor’s driveway wave in a while, and something about it being the first of September got me hyped up about surfing.  September dawn patrols are among my favorite types of patrols…

Plus there might actually be some tropical swell later this week, so I figured I’d get into a surfy groove.

So that’s it.  Slashing my neighbor’s driveway for about 15 min this morning counted as resting my back.

It was just like Point Judith too! Dodging rocks and all!

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