Board Meeting Minutes – 121/365


It’s the end of August and Mo-Nature got the memo.  Felt like fall this morning and I loved it.  After taking Maggie on a morning walk and welcoming the temps in the mid-50s, I remembered we were out of dog food.

She’s a smart dog, Maggie.  She knows that after her morning walk it’s time for food.  She was confused to see me grab my longboard and head out the door.

I cruised down the street, loving the fact that I had an end destination and a mission for this mini skate session.  Made feeling the cool breeze that much cooler.

I did feel a little silly, though.  My longboard is massive.  It’s clunky and heavy.  For whatever reason, I was embarrassed to carry it into the Stop N Shop with me.

I leaned it against the storefront and went in, a tinge of worry on my mind that it wouldn’t be there when I got back.

It was.

With a backpack full of Blue Buffalo cans I rolled out of the parking lot, giving myself a bunch of strong pushes to carry momentum all the way through.  The ride is mostly flat both ways, but there is a slight grade to it.  The way back works its way up the grade.

So by the time I got home, it didn’t feel so cool anymore.  My excitement about wearing a hoodie turned to impatience to get the thing off and take a cold shower.

Maggie was waiting for me at the door, and it’s like she knew what was in the bag.  She watched intently as I unloaded it, shooting those heart-melting rays out of her beady little eyes.

I fed her breakfast, and now she’s back to chillin’ on the day bed, business as usual.

August Heelflip Attempts: 507 (proud of that)

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