Board Meeting Minutes – 125/365


There was a lot of priority shifting around this morning. The initial plan was to complete a dawn patrol mission out to Rhode Island, but that got canned last night when I made sleep my priority. This week felt long for some reason, not quite sure why. But come last night I was beat.

So, prepping my surf gear and loading the boards up just didn’t hold a feather compared to sitting on the couch and watching Fight Club.

No problem, I told myself, I can skate in the morning instead. Work on ollies.

Midnight rolls around, Maggie is acting restless for some reason. I’m half asleep and I think I heard Nia say something like “she just wants to come up to the bed because she figured out how to today.”

So she stumbled around in the dark until she found the furball, and brought her into bed. Everyone falls asleep.

Around 5am, Maggie is restless again. I note it, but not enough to wake up.

Finally I take her out at 6:30. On the way back inside she stumbles a bit, as if she’s having trouble seeing. I get an actual look at her in the light and her face is a balloon!

Priority shift, going to the Vet instead of the skatepark.

Luckily it was just an acute allergic reaction. I felt a tinge of guilt for neglecting it initially, the doc said she was likely bitten by a spider while sleeping. Poor girl, after a few doses of benadryl though she’s back to normal!

I still wanted to skate though, so I took an extended lunch break and spent it at the park. To my surprise it was pretty empty at noon. Only two other people there. I did 35 more ollies and then rode the bowl for a bit before heading back to work.

The dream.

September Rolling Ollies: 70

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