Board Meeting Minutes – 117/365


Ok I’m only gonna count this once. Only once will this pass as an official board meeting.

I did not skate today. I did not surf. I did not snowboard.

I fingerboarded…

In a strange string of events, I landed a freelance gig writing posts for a fingerboarding blog. Around the same time was Nia’s birthday.

Her sister sent her a care package from home, it included one of her old Barbie dolls. This particular Barbie was a ripper/ sk8r gurl. She came equipped with a little snowboard and a tiny skateboard.

Otherwise known as: “Mike’s new fingerboard”

It rained a bunch today. So pretty much all day I sat at my desk learning to Ollie a fingerboard. I started to get the hang of it too!

I learned that just about every real skate trick can be recreated on a fingerboard. And that there are such things as sponsored fingerboarded…

What a strange rabbit hole I find myself in… I love it.

August Heelflip Attempts: 465

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