Board Meeting Minutes – 116/365


Another morning session at the Newington park this morning.  Today I met my buddy Mark there, he had the chain fixed on his BMX device.

I’m amped with the heelflip progress I made yesterday and wanted to build on it today.  So my intent this morning was rolling heelflips.  I’m not abandoning standing attempts, in fact I think I need them to build the habit of keeping my front foot over the deck.

I noticed that any progress I made with that in standing attempts completely gets washed away as soon as I’m rolling.  With forward momentum, my reaction is to keep one foot on the ground at all times.  It’s reactionary and involuntary, my body just does it.  It’s an automatic mental thing that I need to train out of my brain.

That will take numerous attempts and patience.

In an attempt to lower the consequences of a fall when I come down off-balance, I started making attempts into the grass.  This helped trick my brain into feeling a wee bit safer when going for it.  Plus it allowed me to practice with a bit more speed too, which got me thinking: I should really do this for ollies, too.


So that’s what I did today, along with just general messing around to break up the tediousness of the heelflip practice. I tried a few 50-50 stalls on the spine and got my trucks locked in on one attempt.  I also attempted to ollie off of a few hip features in the park, which was very difficult.

One thing I’ve noticed about good skaters (thinking of the one I saw back at the Windsor park)… they’re able to ollie up, over, and down any feature that’s in front of them.  A solid, automatic ollie over any feature is kinda what I think my next goal is.

Yea I can ollie on flat ground with a little bit of speed.  But with more speed, or over a hip or spanning a gap… that is where I need work.  So I’m going to mull that over a bit.  Plus I want to stay healthy throughout September as the Atlantic wakes up, so I might just take it easy.

One thing’s for certain, I’m going to keep practicing these rolling heelflips, at least for the rest of the month…

August Heelflip Attempts: 465

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