Board Meeting Minutes – 115/365



I’m so pumped.  I think what I’m most excited about is that I’m not surprised.  I knew down to my bones that if I just kept practicing and kept making attempts it would happen.

That’s what I’m most amped up about.  Embracing the process and the work is what’s paying off.  That’s cool and so simple.  Consistent effort over time.

After yesterday’s close attempts in the garage I was itching to get out this morning for another session.  I got to the Newington park at about 7 and started warming up.  Last night I tightened my trucks ever so slightly, and I can’t figure out if that’s why I was struggling to carve the quarter pipes or if I was just stiff.  Most likely stiff.

I warmed up with a few ollies and got into it.  At first, I was a little discouraged. I wasn’t starting exactly where I left off yesterday.  Not surprising, but I had high hopes.  After maybe 30 attempts my body started to remember the motions.

I tried a few rolling attempts here and there, and it’s coming to me, but I still wanted to land one standing before adding another element.

Then another skater arrived at the park, he was working on kickflips.  So we kinda hung out, off to the side of the park, practicing our art form.

I came really close on one, actually landed “post-mo”?  Idk, what’s it called when its a primo landing, but because the board rotated too much?  Postmo, I’m claiming it.  This landed me on the ground and as I sat there the guy said,

“There ya go, now it’s a skate session.  Not a real session until you fall down.”

“Yea,” I chuckled, I forgot what I said after lol.  Something about grabbing my camera so I can catch my first heelflip on tape.

I noticed something on the closer attempts.  A little nuance that I hadn’t felt before, but once I did it was like finding the last piece of that jigsaw puzzle.

I have been coming down quote on quote “back seat” in most of my previous attempts.  I’d get the board to flip, sometimes even both feet would come down, but my weight would be over the tail.  Landing off balance like that is what hurt my shoulder a couple weeks ago.

Today, though, justttttt before popping it, I shifted my weight a teeny bit towards the nose.  It was like magic.  The board flipped right under me, to my surprise even.  I wasn’t ready for it.  The first time I tried that I did not make the trick, but I knew that was the last piece of the puzzle.

Within 5 more attempts, I freakin got it.  I’m so happy.

Still needs some cleaning up, definitely needs a lot more practice to become automatic, but I got it.  I’m taking it.  Gonna keep practicing to the point where I can consistently do them rolling.

I don’t know how many attempts I made this morning, but it felt like 50, so I’ll tack 50 more on to my tally.  I’m still going after that 500 heelflip mark for August, not gonna stop because I finally landed one!

August Heelflip Attempts: 415

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