Board Meeting Minutes – 114/365


Good news, I had an awesome garage session and pretty much landed a heelflip (longest pause between landing and needing to hop off the board yet).

Bad news, my phone ran out of memory and I didn’t record any of it.

I’m pretty pissed.  I just left the camera rolling while I did about 50 more attempts.  I am getting SO CLOSE.  I’m looking forward to a session tomorrow morning.  Either at the park or at the basketball court… I think maybe the Newington park, haven’t been there in a while.

But damn was I close!  Like, feet on bolts, stood there for a second, then hopped off.  On a few others I stomped down on the board but it flew out from under me because I was off-balance.

On most, my back foot was on, and only my front toes/ball of foot were.  My front heel would touch the ground.

It’s gonna happen, man.

Here’s literally the only one I recorded before my phone ran out.  It was the first attempt of the session.


August Heelflip Attempts: 365

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