Board Meeting Minutes – 113/365


Dude I’m so close to counting a clean heelflip! Just gotta keep making attempts.

I stopped off on my drive home today. There’s a nice skatepark in the Windsor area that wasn’t too far out of my way. I got there around 10 and got right into it.

The park was occupied but not overly crowded. There were a bunch of little kids, a group of really talented teenagers, and one extremely good skater, probably 20?

It was fun to watch this kid rip, I realized I’d never seen anyone that good skating in person. I’ve only seen videos on YouTube and Instagram.. and the X-games. So that was entertaining.

The park had a quarter-pipe with a little kink to it, kind of like a very shallow bowl pocket. I wanted to carve that a bit before starting heelflips.

I rolled down the gradual hill towards it, then prepared to pump up and over the feature before it. A ramp with a ledge, and a down ramp on the other side.

It was small so I approached it full of confidence, and idk what the heck happened lol. It wasn’t a roller, the top was flat and the transition to each ramp was sharp.

Whatever it was threw me off balance and I ate shit. Great, here’s the old dude at the park, dropping in for his first line and eats it. Whatevs, I laughed it off, and joked to a dad watching his kids that “gravity still works.”

I was able to carve the quarter pipe a few times before going to a corner of the park to hide and practice heelflips.

I am so close!! I did 50 more and I’d say on about 10 my feet came down mostly on the deck, but I had to hop right off because I wasn’t landing square on the bolts.

On one attempt, there was a long enough delay between the landing and the hop off to want to count it… But I was too shy to take any video in the slightly crowded setting. So I’m not counting it yet.

Fun session this morning, and I’m amped to keep finding these awesome concrete parks littered throughout Connecticut.

August Heelflip Attempts: 315

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