Board Meeting Minutes – 112/365


I’m camping with some college buddies this weekend. We’ve been doing it annually for 4 years now and it’s turning into a great tradition.

When packing for the weekend I brought my boards, remembering there’s a little paved half court at the site we go to.

This morning I woke up stiff as hell after sleeping on the hard dirt ground. The grass in Vermont last month was a bit softer. I loosened up on the walk down to the basketball court.

It was nice and cool at about 7 am today. As the sun peaked over the trees I started my heelflip practice. Did another 25 today.

I’m getting close. The breakdown of each foot and actual practice of each motion is paying off. I had two attempts where I came down on the board and had to immediately hop off.

On one I fell backwards because I came down off balanced.

Getting there, man.

August Heelflip Attempts: 265

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