Board Meeting Minutes – 118/365


I got a bit of a late start today.  My body is pretty ache-y from all the skating this week and I haven’t been making too much time for yoga or mobility work in between.

Even though I got out of bed a little later than normal, I still wanted to get out and drive my 500 heelflip goal home this morning.

I got to the basketball court at around 7:45, and something kind of interesting happened.  Last night, I had a dream that I was nailing my ollie timing and popping really clean ollies.  It was a vivid dream, so much so that I actually felt a boost of confidence when going through some warmup ollies this morning.  And my timing did feel significantly improved! Wild.

After warming up I did about 20 standing heelflip attempts and I’m claiming 2 makes!  My feet came down on the bolts, just a bit heel heavy before I hopped off the board.  I think if I had some forward momentum I’d be able to roll out of it, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself, at least.


With that in mind, I started practicing some rolling attempts, again about 20.  I haven’t quite trained my front foot to stay over the board while rolling, but I am noticing that my kick is better.  The board levels out more when I attempt the trick rolling, but as soon as I flick it, my foot bee-lines it to the ground.

Need to make a more conscious effort and commit to holding it over the flipping board. It rained all day yesterday, and today everything was still damp, so I didn’t want practice in the grass like I did a few days ago.  I think that definitely played a role, the mental aspect of being over the asphalt is heavy for me.

It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow so it’s looking like a garage session is in store.  I’m amped though! Crushed the 500 attempt goal for August with some time to spare, and I’m happy to have a handful of makes in there.

Lesson learned: goals should be process-oriented, and your vision should be results-oriented.  Simple, yet my understanding of it is so much deeper now.

August Heelflip Attempts: 505!!!!

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