Board Meeting Minutes – 111/365


Had a basketball court session this morning.  Another 25 heelflips in the bag, and man am I hooked on progress.

I rolled around a bit to warm up, loosened up my ankles by tracing the alphabet with my toes, and popped about 15 rolling ollies.

Once loose, I started attempting heelflips.  Still standing, I’m doing this to build up the confidence to eventually get back into rolling attempts.  I did do a couple rolling, but my confidence isn’t quite where it was before I fell yet.

One thing I did that seemed to really help was practice the motion of each individual foot while standing.  With my left foot, I practiced the drag and flick motion in Braille fashion, and I also added the “loop back and land on the bolts motion” too.  I think that really helped and I should do it a lot more.

Similarly, with the back foot, I practiced the popping ankle motion, and the “follow the board and stomp the bolts” motion.

I only did that a handful of times with each foot.  The result was this on my very next attempt:


So close! I’m wondering what I need to do to get my front foot down on the bolts instead of the middle of the board.  Feels like my CG is biased towards the back (as it was when I fell last week.)


August Heelflip Attempts: 240

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