Board Meeting Minutes – 107/365


Today’s session was certainly not as zen as yesterday’s, but I was pumped to get out and feel the healing progress in my shoulder.

It was a beautiful, cool morning, felt like fall. My shoulder felt ok so I had enough confidence to go ride the New Britain Bowl.

I drove there with the windows down. The cool temps, overcast sky, and smell of sunburnt grass brought me back to my high school football days. Morning workouts and double sessions as we made final preparations for the season.

When I got to the park there was a high school baseball game going on. More nostoglia.

Back to the present moment. The bowl was full of leaves and sticks… And I didn’t bring a broom. Meh.

I did what I could “foot-sweeping,” and then felt a raindrop. Meh.

It started raining, but not hard. I cruised around a bit to warm up. But was in a rush to ride the bowl before the concrete got too wet.

Too late.

One pump, ok. Second pump, ehhh wheels kinda skidded. On to the next wall, nope. Not enough grip.

I slid out and laid on the ground letting the rain splash me. The baseball game was still going on but my session got called. It rained all day too, turned out to be a nice, lazy Sunday.

August Heelflip Attempts: 190

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