Board Meeting Minutes – 106/365


Super fun and carvey session this morning. Short and sweet, I was on the surfskate and working on getting real low and pumping through the turns.

I loved this morning’s session. For one, I felt lots of improvement on the surfskate. And two, I’ve recently listened to Tony Hawk on the Joe Rogan Experience. I heard him say that skateboarding is an art form.

That’s what this morning felt like. It was my martial arts practice. My yoga practice. My carving practice.

Sliding sideways never felt like a sport or just an activity to me. But I couldn’t quite put a finger on it until now. It’s my art form. Skating, snowboarding, surfing.

Contorting my body fluidly to make turns and dance with gravity is an art. And as with any art, the process is my favorite part. The doing, rather than the end result.

So today, this random suburban street was my canvas, and my board was my paintbrush. Each carve was a stroke. The photos I took were no masterpiece but I had a blast nonetheless.

August Heelflip Attempts: 190

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