Board Meeting Minutes – 104-105/365


Yesterday I got back out on the longboard, this time with a camera. The low and smooth carving this week has been relaxing and fun.

If sessions at the skatepark are the hard workouts, then cruising on my longboard is the theraputic rest day in between.

Speaking of therapy, the shoulder has enjoyed another couple days of rest/healing. Def not 100% yet, but this week if say I progressed from 30% to 70%. Been doing exercises and ice every morning… would make Ort proud.

This morning I went for another cruise, only on the surfskate this time. As I grabbed it from the trunk of my car, I thought lemme just try an ollie right now.

I grabbed my other board and gave it a go. Horrible, I was hesitant to commit because of my shoulder. When I tried again with more commitment I was reminded why.

As I jumped into the air my arm reactively flung back as it always does to keep my balance. This hurt. Just a quick jolt of pain in my shoulder, nothing to fully worry about, but nothing to ignore either.

So, just gotta keep on with the ice and exercises, and keep my wheels on the ground a little while longer.

Definitely keeping an eye on it and will do more deliberate therapy over the next few days too. Was thinking about heading back to the skatepark to either cruise on transition or ride the bowl, but my meteorologist brother is claiming surf in the water early next week.

I’ll need my shoulder for that, so a few more rest days is the move. Thinkin long term here.

Cruising on the surfskate this morning was incredible anyway. So much fun simply just carving up and down the Goodwin Place Peeler.

August Heelflip Attempts: 190 and I’m ok with that.

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