Board Meeting Minutes – 103/365


Another great morning cruise on the longboard, followed up by some meditative gardening.

I rolled down to the Goodwin Place Peeler where I caught a few waves.  It was head high and barreling!!! (there was a landscape truck parked on the side of the road).


After a few carves for speed, I crouched down and got real close to the truck, imagining I was cozied up in a frontside tube.  Not sure what the landscaper thought when he saw me.  My inner critic says: “dude this guy thinks your a fuckin nutjob, he’s gonna laugh about you as he tells his buddy later”.

And my inner child says, “yo, this guy thinks you’re the freakin man!  He’s amped up on that barrel make!!!”

I know, I’m slightly crazy… but I like it that way.  The jury’s still out on what that dude thought.  He probably didn’t even notice.  But what matters to me is that I side with the inner child.

Over the course of a few more runs I honed in on the art of the turn. Crouched down in that collapsed, surfer position, I stayed low as I worked through each turn.  Grabbing the frontside rail on left turns, and skimming the pavement with my fingers on right turns.

All the while imagining I was getting a dose of salt water medicine.

At peace, I cruised back home and enjoyed the stillness of just standing there as I sprayed my tomatoes with the hose.  It’s the little things.

The shoulder is feeling better today too!

August Heelflip Attempts: 190

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