Board Meeting Minutes – 99/365


I didn’t ride yesterday. A little butthurt about it but that’s ok. I gave my body a rest in the morning with some yoga and an extra half hour of sleep.

Work proceeded to be hectic, and without power I’ve been reluctantly going to the office. I’ve really grown fond of working from home haha.

Instead of skating after work, we drove down to NJ to see my brother who’s in town. He and my sister were going to come visit but with the power out we changed up the plan.

So this morning, I found a little skatepark by my parents house and went to practice heelflips.

I realized that I’m pretty dang lucky to have both the New Britain and Newington parks in such close proximity to my place in WeHa!

The park this morning was an outdoor roller-hockey rink outfitted with a few ramps and manual pads randomly scattered about. Not quite a beautifully redone concrete park, but perfect for practicing some flat ground stuff.

I warmed up with a few ollies, feeling a bit sluggish. After about 25 heelflip attempts I felt back in a groove. I noticed that if I made a few attempts standing, then a few rolling, when I went back to standing I’d be closer.

So I went back and forth like that until I hit about 35 attempts. I was so freakin’ close on one standing attempt!! Both feet on but I was off balance and had to hop back off the board immediately. Didn’t get footage of it though so it never happened lol.

August Heelflip Attempts: 175

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