Board Meeting Minutes – 98/365


There’s still some Isaías swell in the water but I’m pretty drained from dealing with the power outage and the storm cleanup.

Didn’t feel like making the drive out to the coast, and I’m hooked on heelflip progress. I went to the New Britain park this morning to practice some more.

I did 30, mostly standing. I did a few rolling too but I think a good blend of both has been helping.

I’m gonna get it, just a matter of consistent effort over time.

After heelflip practice I messed around on the little quarter-pipe. Tried some more 50-50 stalls but didn’t have as much success as the last time I did them.

A new level of confidence came over me after I decided I was done practicing 50-50s. I sized up the big quarter-pipe, about 5 feet. The last time I tried to drop on it I ate it.

This morning I was feeling it though. I lined it up and dropped in before letting myself hesitate. Nailed it! I was so pumped, and a step closer to the bigger 6′ drop at the Newington park.

Amped up with a mini buzz from that, I grabbed my stuff and rolled down to the bowl. I dropped in for a quick loop before wrapping up my session. Now that I’ve been able to fully link up my line, it’s so fun to just practice it.

I almost fell on a frontside carve, but I was able to twist it around and come down the ramp with my board under my feet. I made note of that recovery, and I’m proud of it. Proof that I’m getting more comfortable on the board.

Great session this morning.

August Heelflip Attempts: 140

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