Board Meeting Minutes – 97/365


Isaías came and went yesterday, wreaking havoc along the way. Luckily Nia, myself, and the Magster are all ok, along with our tenants upstairs.

We had a big old tree come crashing down in the yard, but our house was out of range and our cars were safely in the garage.

So instead of surfing this morning I played pick-up-sticks with Nia. Before that, though, I got some skating in.

Since surfing was out of the question I figured I’d ride some concrete waves in the New Britain bowl. I brought a couple brooms with me, expecting there to be debris all over the park.

Luckily there wasn’t that much. I was worried a giant tree would be down and I wouldn’t be able to sweep it up with my little old broom.

Just some branches, leaves, and acorns littered throughout the bowl. I started sweeping it up around 7:15 and must of lost track of time because when I got done it was already 7:50!

But, the bowl was nice and clean and ready to be ridden. Before dropping in o did a half-assed set of 10 heelflip attempts but the focus wasn’t there. I wanted to ride the bowl.

So I dropped in and carved around. I really feel as if I’m getting the hang of pumping around this thing, and it’s freakin’ fun!

I’m able to loop around the entire bowl without losing too much speed, and today I felt like I was getting higher up on the walls. I didn’t take any video to conserve my phone’s battery. (the storm knocked out power, it’s been 24 hours).

But on one carve I got up to the coping, the same spot I clipped it last time. I kinda went for the 50-50 but wasn’t expecting it and ate shit. It felt close though. I think with some more practice on the little quarter pipe I’ll eventually get there. Especially as I get more comfortable in the bowl.

Overall fun session after an otherwise stressful, stormy afternoon yesterday!

August Heelflip Attempts: 110

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