Board Meeting Minutes – 96/365


I went to bed last night expecting rain in the morning.  Tropical storm Isaías is passing by, so I was fully prepared for a garage heelflip session.  Lucky for me though, the rain hadn’t started yet.

I originally thought of going to the skatepark, but I wasn’t up early enough to squeeze in a trip.  Down the street to the basketball court it was.

The 20 attempt goal is a friendly goal.  I welcome each session instead of worry about it.  In a relaxed state of mind, I started warming up.  A few stretches to loosen up the legs and ankles, and a quick set of 10 ollies to get my bearings on the board.

I hit 20 heelflip attempts rather quickly.  And again towards the end, I had a near make.  This triggered another 20 or so tries.  Here are some of my closer attempts.  I, unfortunately, didn’t get the closest one on film.

Got the full flip but no cigar.
Decent foot placement if the board had just made it around
Rolling attempt

I think I improved my ability to keep my feet over the board as it flips today.  There were a number of attempts where I did land on the board, it just hadn’t flipped all the way around yet.

I also experienced my first legit primo landing which was a bit scary. Thankfully I had loosened up my ankles.  Plus, I’ve been barefoot for basically all of quarantine (except when skating).  Walking around without shoes has been working wonders for my ankle strength.  *knocks on wood*

Might try to surf some leftover Isaías swell tomorrow morning.

August Heelflip Attempts: 100

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