Board Meeting Minutes – 95/365


Ok, I was wavering a little bit but I’ve got a goal in place for August.  The plan is to make at least 500 heelflip attempts.

I was thinking of something like “land a heelflip before the end of August,” but I could feel the fear of failure in that goal.  Putting the pressure on to land one is what takes the fun out of the process for me.

This morning I was up early, and as I laid in bed I was thinking about what I wanted to do for my session today.  Ride the bowl? Practice 50-50 stalls? Practice heelflips?

I decided to practice heelflips, but my goal was to just go down to the basketball court and take it easy… Attempt at least 20, like I did in the garage yesterday.

Not land 20.  Attempt 20.

This mentality didn’t make room for my ego to put pressure on me.  And wouldn’t ya know, I got the closest I’ve ever been to landing one!

So as I approached #20, this happened:


Holy shit!!! Pretty much sums up how that felt.  That motivated me to do 20 more.  Still close, but no cigar.  But after that near-make, any hesitation I had about focusing my goal on heelflips washed away.

I’ve only been hesitating because I’m afraid it’ll be hard and I won’t land one.  Well, uh, it is hard.  And it always will be.  If I keep practicing though, heelflips won’t become less hard… but I’ll get better at them, maybe even land one.

So goal = set: attempt 500 heelflips before the end of the month.  That’s less than 20 a day.  Totally doable, and it should leave plenty of time for fun on the surfskate or in the bowl.

August Heelflip Attempts: 60

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