Board Meeting Minutes – 94/365


Today has been a lazy Sunday. Rainy all day, nowhere to go, nothing to do.

After laying around for a bit I realized it wasn’t going to dry up anytime soon. Determined it was time for a garage session.

Heelflips were the intent today. I warmed up with 10 ollies and got right into it.

I have a lot of practice to do, and some serious focus is needed to keep my front foot over the deck. Not sure how to correct that, maybe some ollies with a foot kick?

I was popping them pretty well and tracking the board with my back foot most of the way. Just can’t commit to getting that front foot back over the deck.

I’ve been thinking of a goal for this month. I’m thinking something like at least 500 heelflip attempts. Maybe a thousand. Need to decide soon though.

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