Board Meeting Minutes – 93/365


It’s August.  2020 has been somethin, huh?

I went to the New Britain park this morning to enjoy another day of not climbing an ollie mountain.  After the break I gave my legs yesterday, I was ready to have some fun in the bowl.

The park was pretty much empty at 7 am.  There were two kids there who left shortly after I started warming up.  After they left, I was the best only skater at the park.

I practiced my line in the bowl a handful of times and gave my legs some time to get with the program.  After a couple runs of linking up the loop I’ve been working on, I was hit with a pretty cool feeling.

I can do it. is what I thought.  Actually, I think I said it out loud. As I sat there looking at the bowl, I remembered back to over two years ago.  Sitting in the office scoping out skateparks on Google maps working.  I found this park.  I saw the satellite image of this bowl.


I wanted to ride it, but that fear man. You haven’t ridden a skateboard in over a decade, get back to work, you have a job to do, can’t go get hurt doing silly boyish shit like skateboarding.

That was the mentality.  But I couldn’t unsee that image of the bowl.  And then it got re-done, made even nicer.

I bought my Nomad deck shortly after.  That sat in my living room for a few months before I worked up the nerve to go to the Cutting Edge shop to get it set up with trucks & wheels.

I rode it down the street maybe twice, the feeling of a skateboard rattling my legs was foreign.  The board sat in my garage for another year and a half.  Maybe making an appearance once or twice in the driveway when friends were over.

Then, thanks to this freakin’ pandemic, I got back on it.  Now, almost a hundred days after I decided to ride every day, I’m just glad I didn’t succumb to that fear.

So as I sat there on the deck of the bowl, I felt free from fear.  Not rid of it, but it’s grip felt just a tad looser.  In skating, but also in every other aspect of my life.

After that little reflection, I dropped back in for a few more loops.  On one of them, my front wheel clipped the coping on a backside carve.

At that moment I think my next goal popped up.  I’ve been wanting to learn backside 50-50 stalls on the coping, then eventually work them up to a 50-50.

I decided it was finally time to scuff up my pristine trucks, and walked over to the mini-quarter pipe at the other end of the park.  I warmed up with some kickturns, and then remembered what I watched in a YouTube video.

Then I got after it.  After all the practice in the bowl and practice on the transition at the Newington park, it actually came pretty quickly to me!


There’s a goal forming here.  I’m gonna chew on it a little more, but it was super fun to learn a new trick today!

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