Board Meeting Minutes – 92/365


With the July ollie goal accomplished and in the past, I felt a little strange today.  Not gonna lie.  I just kinda felt… off.

Also, my legs were KILLING me.  I joined Nia for a track workout last night.  She’s training for a half marathon and signed up for a free “speed workout.”  It was a blast to go run fast, can’t remember the last time I did that.

But combine that with all the ollies I’ve been doing, and my calves were ultra-sore today.

So I took a break from both ollies and from early morning sessions today.  Maybe part of why I felt off, I had been so consistently getting up to skate in the morning over the past couple weeks.

Whatever it was, a dusk surfskate session on the Goodwin Place Peeler was the remedy.  The summer sky was still glowing after the sun had set, and the moon had just risen.  A perfect setting for some smooooooth carving.  The dream.

I decided to film some frontside carves and check out my form.  With the moon out, I wanted to get all artsy.  I set my phone up in slo-mo mode and something pretty sick happened.

The sound of the video in slo-mo is pretty dang close to the sound of a crashing wave! Have a listen:

I think it does at least, and ya can’t take that away from me!

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