Board Meeting Minutes – 91/365



One thousand ollies landed in July.  I’m amped up, it feels great to have accomplished this arbitrary, frivolous goal of mine.

Yes, there are bigger fish to fry in this world.  Yes, I will take on bigger and better responsibilities as a man… but is any of that worth it if I can’t stop and enjoy something fun for a while?

My answer is no.

I needed to do 40 to hit my goal this morning and that’s what I did.  On the second 20, I added the surfskate as an obstacle again.  I missed the first few attempts and honestly didn’t feel as good as I did ollie-ing over it yesterday.

My 998th attempt was a miss.  This made me nervous.  I made it up by doing a standing ollie to kinda reset.

I took a deep breath and focused up for number 999.  Stomped it.  But didn’t love the back foot gap over the deck.  Still a little nervous, I was ready for attempt number 1,000.

The pressure was on. I wasn’t alone in the park this morning.  One other dude, and a group of young girls (one of whom absolutely rips) were there, their parents supervising.

All eyes weren’t on me.  No one else knew the weight of this ollie except me, yet the pressure was on.  I felt like I was about to drop into the big air ramp at the X-games.

I dropped my board and rolled up to the 10.5″ wall that was my surfskate deck.  I reminded my self-preservation instinct to pay no attention to the blistering speed of a few miles per hour.

Snap! Slam!

Freakin’ stomped it.

Not perfect, but number 1,000 nonetheless.

Got it on camera too.  Everyone didn’t cheer. I didn’t get a medal.  But the hit of dopamine and the stupid-ass grin on my face is all I was after.  So as I sit here in my desk chair, not on top of a podium, I’m just plain happy.

July Ollie Count: 1,000

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