Board Meeting Minutes – 90/365


Another good session at the Newington skatepark this morning.  I got ambitious and thought about going for 100 ollies today to seal the deal and hit my goal a couple days early.

After warming up by riding around the transition for a bit, my legs felt like jello. My first set of ten ollies was poo.  I took a quick rest to collect myself, then decided to see how I felt after 50.

I got back on track, and my legs started to wake up.  After 40, I decided to break out the surfskate and use it as an obstacle to clear.  The 10.5″ deck seems mountainous when trying to ollie over it!

So my next 10 ollie attempts were attempts over the board.  around #4 I nailed it! Then finished out the set.  I was feeling good, so I tacked on 10 more ollies.  Again, over the surfskate.


After the initial mental block of having an obstacle to clear, I found it actually helping my ollie height.  Same with speed.  I was more focused on clearing the board than I was focused on how scary it was to be going faster.

Another good board meeting.

July Ollie Count: 960

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