Board Meeting Minutes – 89/365


I can taste my 1,000 ollie goal.  It’s within reach and I’m giddy like a little boy.  I went to the Newington skatepark around 7 this morning to get 50 ollies closer.

After rolling around the park and pumping through all the cool features, I got to work.  Warmed up with 10 standing again, that really helped yesterday, then moved into the rolling ollies.

Before that though, I noticed the sky was up to something cool.  Decided to shoot a time-lapse of that instead of more slo-mo ollie clips… I’ve seen plenty of those over the past month.


It was a great session, about half an hour-long, maybe a tad more.  I nailed a higher speed ollie too which I’m amped about.  During the second half of my march to 50, I started pumping on a roller to gain a bit more speed into the flat section where I was popping them.

I missed a few too, and actually, on one of them, my board flicked up and slammed my shin.  The grip tape actually shaved off a chunk of leg-hair, gnarly.  All in all though, good stuff.  Only 100 to go!

July Ollie Count: 900

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