Board Meeting Minutes – 86/365


Added some more padding to my ollie goal this morning.  I went to the Newington park to roll around.  Got there just before 7, and enjoyed an empty skatepark.

I went back and forth on a flat spot practicing ollies until I added 30 to my total.  I want to say I was doing them with a liiiiitle more speed than yesterday, although that could’ve just been the contrasting feeling of smooth concrete of a new skatepark and the surface of a worn-down basketball court.

All-in-all, good ollie practice.  After that, I rode around on the transition.  Much easier when the concrete is dry!

Very mellow and relaxing this morning.  I’ve been meaning to see if there are any parks near where I’m going camping this weekend.  Might be able to squeeze in a session tomorrow.

July Ollie Count: 810

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