Board Meeting Minutes – 85/365


Pumped.  My goal was to get ahead of 750 ollies before Friday and I nailed it.  On this fourth of five Thursdays in July, I put in a morning session at the Beechland Park basketball court.  It’s a gorgeous morning, and some kids had left their sidewalk chalk at the court.  I did some doodling as I stretched out the ole’ hips.

I was already at 750 after my session yesterday, and I wanted to pad my numbers before going camping this weekend.  I did take it easy though, my body is reminding me of how old it is.  Part of the reason I opted for a mellow session on flat ground.  I could’ve accomplished this at the Newington or New Britain parks, but the ramps and bowl would’ve been a distraction.

I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit that some self-preservation instinct kicked in.  I thought to myself: I don’t want to take a spill and get hurt before the camping trip this weekend.

I didn’t like the thought, and it chewed at the confidence I’ve built up over the past few weeks, but it was there nonetheless.

So, I listened to what the worried part of me had to say and went for a mellow flatground session.  Just hitting 30 ollies was the goal.  After I did, I was curious about my heelflip ability again.

I only did two attempts and I could feel the progress.  My back foot tracked the board nicely on both attempts.  The board flipped all the way and stayed closer to directly under me than any previous attempts, still a bit “rocketed” but I’m ok with that.  It came down deckside up with my back foot on, and my front foot just barely missed the deck each time.



But before I get too far ahead of myself, I’m still after the 1,000 ollie goal.  And I’ve noticed that my brain is still hesitant to go through the ollie motion at higher speeds.  Something that will require more practice… maybe ollie-ing into grass will help.

July Ollie Count: 780

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