Board Meeting Minutes – 84/365


The heat wave this week seemed to break a little today, which was nice because I was unable to get out in the morning to skate.

I logged off from work and drove down to the Newington Park. On my way there I was thinking, it’s gonna be crowded, just go to the basketball court instead.

It was crowded.

A pack of teens on their bmx bikes made me second guess going. But I’m glad I did.

Once I started rolling around and doing ollies, the nerves calmed a bit. I chatted with the only other kid there on a skateboard for a little.

My intent for the session was to do 50 more ollies. After 40 an afternoon rain shower rolled in. I went under the pavilion to do 10 more standing ollies. Pretty pumped to have hit my goal for the week on Wednesday.

Once I hit 50, I wanted to ride around the park a bit. It was raining but it didn’t look too bad. I dropped into my frontside line. As I went for the first frontside carve on the big quarter pipe, my wheels had zero grip on the wall and I ate shit.

My board shot up the ramp and pop-tarted really high. I was on the ground, barely registering that my wrist and knee hurt when I looked up and saw the board coming at me like a missile.

Thankfully I got out of it’s way. No more skating in the rain lol.

July Ollie Count: 750!

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