Board Meeting Minutes – 83/365


I woke up with a strong intent to go ride the New Britain bowl this morning. After taking the Magster for a walk, that’s exactly what I did.

Before dropping in I warmed up with a set of 20 rolling ollies. I’m going camping this weekend, so I want to stay ahead of my goal this week since I probably won’t be able to skate much in the wilderness…

My legs felt super sluggish through the first 10, but they started to wake up and smell the concrete on the second 10.

Then it was time to drop into the bowl. Armed with a newly developed skill to carve a quarter pipe going frontside, I was ready to link up my line. I was excited about it too because I pumped hard through the first few backside pockets to give myself enough speed.

I went a little hard in the paint though and realized that carving the pocket is a little different than a regular old quarter pipe. I came at the first frontside corner quickly and directly. I initiated the motion I had been practicing all weekend, and it worked, I was up on the wall ready to pump my way back down.

Only the third dimension of the spherical pocket threw me, and right at the peak of my carve, it pushed back on me hard.

I compressed down into a deep squat, but my stiff and tired legs weren’t ready to absorb the load. I was able to eject and jog back down the ramp sans slamming.

So, I tried again but slowed down a bit. I actually linked up the line! I was able to loop around twice before getting gassed and veering off the line. Really really fun, and I’ll say it again, I ain’t complaining about the workout that comes along with it.

After a few more loops around the bowl, I did 30 more ollies to get on track for my ollie goal. If I can have the tally up over 750 come Friday, I’ll be in great shape. I think I can crush it too.

Right before leaving, I checked in on my heelflip ability too. The ollie practice is paying off. Both my feet came up in unison as the board flipped. This is the habit I’ve been trying to instill by doing so many ollies. I didn’t land it, but this is progress!

July Ollie Count: 700

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