Board Meeting Minutes – 82/365


I needed a rest today.  The quad burners from this weekend had me feeling the very much like I didn’t skip leg day.

Maggie still had me up early, which I didn’t mind.  After taking her out, I did some mellow yoga.  Hatha style to get a goooood hip and glute stretch.  Felt great.

After going about my busy day, I still got out to make some turns.  I took my surfskate down to the Goodwin Place Peeler for some post-dusk carving.  It was a very relaxing session, and I’m kicking myself because I didn’t know about the comet that passed by.  I would’ve taken out my telescope to snipe it.  Oh well, I’ll just have to wait 6,000 years to see it next time.  Good thing my brother got a few awesome photos.

July Ollie Count: 650

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