Board Meeting Minutes – 81/365


I went straight back to the Newington park this morning. It has more flat space than New Britain, and still enough transition to navigate. This makes it easier for me to practice both frontside carves and ollies in the same session.

That’s what I did this morning. I was able to link up a fun loop that lined me up frontside on the quarter pipes on either end.

Then, there’s also a pocket on either end that I used to reverse the direction of my loop. Now I was lined up to practice backside carves as well.

Super fun, and I’m starting to get to the point where my skill set isn’t limiting me, but my endurance is. A couple laps around the park and my quads were burning!

I love the workout I get from this. Movement is medicine for the body, and fun movement is medicine for the soul. No complaints here!

In between laps I did a couple sets of 10 ollies to balance out the session. Great start to my Sunday.

July Ollie Count: 650

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