Board Meeting Minutes – 80/365


Awesome session this morning at a new-to-me skatepark. Also the first time I met up with a friend at the park which made it 10 times more fun.

Workin on hip and shoulder rotation through a frontside carve.

Newington skatepark was the place. We met there at 8:30 this morning. To my delight, the park was pretty empty. We only shared it with 3 women from a roller-derby league, there to work on their skating skills.

What I found funny was how worried they were about getting in my way. I don’t know much about roller derby, but I know getting in other people’s way is the point of the sport. Maybe that’s why they were hyper-aware of their proximity to me. Made for a few good jokes though. Good vibes at the park this morning.

After realizing none of us knew what the hell we’re doing, everybody relaxed a bit and started to have fun.

I made some solid progress with frontside carves today, focusing big time on the “twisted crouch” position I practice on my surfskate the other day. That plus a few hip stretches before riding really enabled some progress.

Once I got comfortable with the motion I noticed I was leaving the ramp with as much if not more speed than I came into it with. This means what I’m practicing is working.

After a while I was content with the progress I had made riding transition. I rounded off my session with 30 more ollies and called it a day. The heat wave this weekend had officially begun and I was ready to go sit in front of my A/C.

July Ollie Count: 630

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