Board Meeting Minutes – 87/365


I got one in today!  Wasn’t sure I’d be able to while camping but I did.  I was just car-camping, so I still brought a small quiver:

  • Popsicle stick board – in case there was a skatepark near the campsite… there wasn’t.
  • Surfskate – in case there was a paved road near the campsite… there wasn’t.
  • Balance board – if the above two options failed.

The Balance board was the board of choice.  The camp I’m at has a big concrete retaining wall overlooking a pond.  Perfect spot to balance and unwind as dusk settled in.  The frogs, the crickets, the birds, all singing a melody to the tune of aliveness.  After all the stress and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, this dose of Vitamin N was just what the doctor ordered!

As I balanced up on the wall, I tried to stay as still as the water on the pond.  Observing the reflection of the trees on the glassy water as they soaked in their last licks of sunlight for the day.


Here are some more pics of Mo-Nature in all her glory:

Breathtaking view of the Milky Way, Jupiter, and Saturn.
Can’t beat that “campfire under the stars” feeling
My digs for the weekend
View through the scope.
Moose encounter at 5:30 AM
This guy wasn’t afraid to get close

July Ollie Count: 810

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