Board Meeting Minutes – 74/365


Nia and I picked up a dog to foster yesterday. It’s been less than 16 hours and we’ve pretty much decided to keep her. Maggie is now part of the crew.

She’s an early riser, so she had me up this morning around 5:30. I took her for a walk and laid back down for an hour. Around 7 I went to ride in the New Britain bowl.

I worked on the line I tried the other day. Felt like I’m starting to get the hang of pumping in backside pockets.

Frontside is still a struggle though.

After riding the bowl for a bit I did a set of 10 ollies. Super sloppy because my legs were wobbly from pumping. Then I switched to my surfskate and rode the Stanley Steemer Lane a few times.

Beautiful morning to get out, and I enjoyed having the park to myself. When I got home it was awesome to open the door and see my new furry friend waiting for me.

July Ollie Count: 410

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